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Amazon is a world-wide shop with interesting features in the back. We use the sales rank-data generated hourly for every hour within the Amazon-system to track down possible sales within the amazon shops, so you can track down the success of your books on Amazon (which will be an inidicator of the whole success in other retail stores). The sales rank shows which items are saled more often than other ones - but there is a problem: Amazon shows you just the current sales rank, there is no history - and the sales shows no hint about possible sales. will monitor your books hourly on Amazon, generate a history and will analyze this data for possible sales on Amazon.

Down you will see data out of our database - this is also possible for your own books: Get informed about the success of your book, get informed about a sale or a new review, view the history, due to this information you can check your advertising strategy. offers two account types: An all-time-free Account and an professional one. Within the free account you can track up to three books an will get informed via eMail or SMS (extra fee). The professional account for about 7.50 $ per month offers you also Twitter and Jabber as additional notification mechanism, the pro-user can also track as much books as they want with our system.


Integrated online catalogs: Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Amazon France, Amazon Germany, Amazon USA/International


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